Victor McWind



Allow Yourself to:

Deepen your connection with yourself

Drop masks, armor and games to help your real self to come out and play

Better relationship to others

Experience more authentic intimacy and sexuality

Align with your passion

Discover your purpose

Find meaning in your career

Have more financial success

Live in greater Health

Improve your communication skills

Be more alive

Victor McWind Transformational Coaching is a dynamic process by which growth and positive change replace fear, resistance and stagnation, bringing about a life with more abundance, health, connection and pleasure.

The transformational coaching program is a 6-month exploration that helps you define your goals and desires and then actualize them through a profound change in consciousness. This metamorphosis comes about as we delve into and unwind the unconscious blocks and negative patterns that sabotage our success and fulfilment.

This process is intensive, fun, challenging, deep, enriching and heart-opening. Participants will leave the program feeling empowered, with greater self-knowledge, and a deeper connection to their abundance and happiness.


We work with clients over a six-month period, both in person and by Zoom.
We will develop a customized process to address the unique goals of each client

The package will include:
Initial intensive
Weekly homework
2 weekend intensives
Hands on healing and bodywork
Weekly reading and exercises Weekly assignments
Changes in diet and lifestyle Meditation



An Interview is required for admittance. This program is for those who are willing to commit to serious change in themselves. We work both in person and with Zoom.


Victor McWind discovered his calling in intuitive healing and counseling over 30 years ago. Through extensive training, apprenticeships, and experience, and his degrees in Experimental Psychology, Victor has mastered a wide range of modalities and techniques, which is incorporated into his coaching. His work has been greatly impacted by his extensive studies in Tibetan Buddhism and Shamanic studies. He has practiced and taught throughout the world.

Victor’s work strives to make a more significant and deeper impact on the long term
health of his patients, helping to ease and even reverse many of his clients’ chronic pain
from injuries, emotional traumas, and PTSD events.