Mental Stress, depression, and anxiety

Modrn Sanctuary prides itself as having some of the most comprehensive alternative therapies to help in the treatment of psychological, stress, anxiety and other mental conditions by some of the leading doctors and specialists in their field.



by Dr. Lana Marrow

Our brain training system employs a state-of-the-art brain to computer interface, which is non-invasive, neuroscience-based, frequency specific neuromodulator, which is unlike any other device or system. Device is created in collaboration with HoneyBee Robotics, a NASA affiliate, and has been validated by correlated, double-blind sham-proof randomized clinical studies. The THINK system generates new neuronal pathways in the brain, strengthening the areas responsible for attention, executive function, organization and planning.

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Theta Spring Hypnosis

Theta Spring has created a technique that utilizes the power of the conscious and subconscious mind to help clients quickly and effectively create the awareness and behavioral shifts they are looking for in their lives. Through conscious coaching coupled with hypnosis, clients are able to gain action-oriented tools, new emotional coping mechanisms, and become their own advocates for powerful change.

Katie Treadwell

Biofeedback Practitioner

All essential functions of our body are controlled by electro-magnetic signals. It is because of this that cybernetic biofeedback can help your body to remember its naturally balanced and stress-free state. From this point of awareness and understanding, the body’s process of self-regeneration can happen naturally.


Integrative psychiatry

Dr. Narveen Dosanjh is an Integrative Psychiatrist who assimilates her vast and diverse knowledge from the best of ancient wisdom, alternative and modern contemporary medicine to give patients a unique perspective and experience. What makes Dr. Dosanjh truly distinctive is her ability to integrate from every modality of healing and remain open as a physician and seeker to anything that can assist with her only and ultimate goal; which is to sincerely help her patients. Combining medications, herbs, vitamins, dietary and lifestyle modification, supplements, mindfulness based practices, spiritual techniques and practical tools to help her patients achieve mental, emotional and physical healing