Vitajuwel: Gemstone Water - The Beverage of the Future

Gemstone Water - The Beverage of the Future

Whether an innovation will be lastingly received by the population often does not depend on the ideas' ingenuity, but more so whether this new innovation will also cause changes in old thinking and behavioral patterns. Here an example: At the beginning of the 17th century, Europeans were using a fork more frequently, even though it was considered to be ludicrous initially. Today, eating your meal with fork and knife is considered the embodiment of the modern western eating culture.

Water is the most fundamental element for humans. Water is life – healthy water is healthy life. Nothing influences our organism more than the quality of the water we drink. Therefore, ever more humans are asking themselves whether water should be made drinkable through the use of chemical treatment, or whether the natural energy of precious stones could provide the same results. Fresh, healthy spring water also flows along rocks that maintain an equally high energetic quality for millions of years. Like in many other areas, a return to natural resources is taking place.

In retrospect, many inventions were the impulse for the beginning of a new era because new paradigms sped up the development of humankind. Consequently, gemstone water will become more important for its use in all households, simply because it tastes better and provides convincing effects.