A pop up event with the Lucia No.3 Light Experience and Dr. Marina Masic of Lumina NY
Monday OCtober 7, 2019 12pm-7pm

a one day only event


Lucia N°03 is a revolutionary light technology that is used for the induction of the Hypnagogic Light Experience.  The operating system includes a computer-controlled lamp that combines a stroboscope (flickering light) featuring variable speed and intensity with a constant light operating in different brightness levels. The interplay of these light sources creates a unique and profound experience.  

Lucia N°03 was conceived in Austria by a renowned team of doctors, Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler, a neurologist and psychologist who combined expertise and years of research to envision Lucia N°03. 

Hypnagogic Light Experience with Lucia N°03 is a modern form of temple sleep that invites one to linger in the carefree perfection of the Now.  As we live in a world where we exhaust ourselves through goal-oriented behavior, sometimes the best solution is to simply live in the moment and let go.
The Hypnagogic Light Experience, induced by Lucia N°03, is a contemporary approach which allows for the immersion into this alternate state of consciousness.



 Reported Benefits Include:
Lucia N°03 achieves without any effort or long-term practice:

• rapid and sustained deep relaxation (limbic + nervous system)
• theta level of meditation
• immersion into worlds of color, imagery + neuroart
• renewed energy
•creative insights
•active imagination

To Book Please Call 212-675-9355

30-Minute Session…………$80

60-Minute Session…………$160

a credit card will be required to hold your appointment. 24-hour cancellation policy applies.

Please note Lucia N3 is not a medical treatment. The usage of Lucia N3 lies at a client's liability and should not be used if: you are under 18 years, pregnant, or suffer from strobe intolerance - i.e. due to a psychological condition (psychosis, anxiety disorder, PTSD etc.) or medical conditions such as epilepsy or anyone with a history of seizures, traumatic brain injuries, or those under the influence of any drugs or mind-altering substances.  The safety of our clients is paramount.