• THINK makes your brain create dopamine, increase attention, focus, resilience and think faster

  • Decrease in stress makes you more efficient, with fast and long lasting results

  • THINK is natural and non invasive. 20 minutes twice weekly, fun and relaxing

THINK is the award winning, patented, non-invasive, scientifically validated neuromodulator that naturally boosts dopamine production.  Our research has been validated by our team of world top scientists at NYU Langone Health, Columbia University, and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, testifying that THINK training strengthens the frontal lobes pathways and executive functions.  


  • Decreases stress and boosts resilience

  • Increases focus and sharper mind, efficient decision making

  • Enhances cognitive performance

  • Happier mood and better sleep


This is a very efficient and natural process to learn new ways of using your brain frequency.

Comfortably sitting and wearing a lightweight THINK headband, you will enjoy commanding a neurogame on a laptop. The session is relaxing, quick and efficient, 20 minutes. To achieve lasting results, THINK is done in a series of 20 sessions, twice weekly.


After 5 sessions: sharper focus and more relaxation; uplifted mood.

After 10 sessions: brain creates new, more efficient pathways (neuroplasticity).

After 15 sessions: increased clarity and work efficiency, overall strong performance.       

After 20 sessions: rerouted executive pathways, increased mental resilience, significant increase in speed of processing and cognitive efficacy. Better academic and work performance. Some clients experience reduction of  pain, increased mobility and better sports performance.

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About Dr. Morrow, PH.D

Dr. Lana Morrow, Ph.D. is an award winning functional medicine neuroscientist, Founder, CEO, and creator of THINK system, and is considered one of the world’s top experts in dopamine, executive functions and neurotechnology.  She has worked with Academy award winning actors and producers, ambassadors and diplomats, members of European royalty, Fortune 500 CEOs and executives, and business professionals, in Manhattan, Paris and Rome.

She has worked with students and children, improving their attention, academic and sports performance. Her work was featured in the New York Times, Panorama, RAI 2 and various other media.  Known for her innovative and caring approach to her clients and brain science, Dr. Morrow helps many achieve their work and academic success with non-invasive, efficient technology, which is enjoyable and fast acting.

In 2011, Dr. Morrow created THINK Interfaces to create non-invasive, non-pharmacological methods for remediation of attentional and movement related disorders. She is passionate about helping her clients elevate cognitive performance, longevity and memory. She is a Galileo2000 Award winner, and recognized as a pioneer in brain computer interfaces and neuroeconomy.   

Dr. Morrow earned a doctoral degree in cognitive neuroscience from La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, was a visiting researcher at the Sorbonne in Paris, and completed her post doctoral training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, performing EEG-based brain mapping techniques in dopamine research and at Columbia Presbyterian hospital.  Her skills also include treatment of learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and the differential diagnosis of complex brain disorders. As a neuroscientist, she conducts research collaborations with major universities in Europe and the United States.


“THINK is very impressive;  it is the state-of-the-art brain training device.  The future will be this kind of device, making the link between the machine and the brain.”  Jean Christophe Corvol, M.D., PH.D.; Michael J. Fox Foundation physician and advisor, Professor in Neuro-Pharmacology, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital;  ICM Institute for Brain & Spine, Paris

“Those of us who have used the THINK system see that what Dr. Morrow has developed can change positively certain brain functions in a normally functioning adult.  The system has been rigorously tested in double blind studies with ADHD children with profound improvements in concentration, attention, behavior and general academic performance” Jack Rivkin, MBA, CEO, Altegris

"After THINK sessions I became much more focused and my mind became organized.  Although initially we approached the process with a bit of doubt, the results are amazing!  My decision making process is more assertive, and I have less anxiety. My overall health is improved and I recovered faster from my surgery. We had the fortune to encounter Dr. Morrow through a friend, after the difficult consequences of powerful anesthesia." HRH Princess Maria Beatrice di Savoia of Italy

“The most important part of this Galileo2000 Award is the THINK brain device! Very impressive!” Roberto Vittori, NASA Mission Specialist for Space Lab

“THINK device has proven to be functional and creates reliable signals.” Sase S, Herman J; Honeybee Robotics Space Engineering, NASA affiliate

“The sessions that I took this summer helped me gain focus, my studying and my grades have improved. My batting in baseball has gotten better.  Think helped me tremendously!” Koda H. 16 y.o. high school student, Princeton

“The sessions with THINK have radically improved my concentration and my ability to focus; my levels of happiness have increased notably.  The change is significant.” A. S. MBA,  Yale University