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“As an adult, I had always been a very active person. I rode horses every day, ran, did yoga, went to the gym, and ate very healthy, but I never had a strong immune system. I always had a cold or something that I was fighting or was just getting over. I remember just always feeling a little under the weather but thought nothing of it. I lived a pretty healthy life! After the birth of my two kids, I started to notice some significant changes in myself. I began getting daily headaches. I was always tired, and I started to get brain fog.

My symptoms progressed over the next couple of years, and when my husband noticed that I was taking between 6-10 Motrin a day, he became concerned. I hadn’t even realized how much I was taking. I went to see a neurologist, a headache specialist, and my regular doctor. They all told me that I was “normal,” that I was just a tired Mom, and that I looked healthy by all their tests. Well, I started to have some troubling cognitive issues. I began having serious trouble concentrating, I would lose my train of thought mid-sentence, I couldn’t remember if I had met people before, I had weekly migraines, I would become easily confused, and I began to get social anxiety.

Then one day while driving to pick up my kids from school, I became so confused and disoriented that I couldn’t find my way. I just didn’t know where I was. At that point, I KNEW that something bigger was happening with me and went back to my doctors. I finally got a diagnosis for chronic neurological Lyme disease and other co-infections that I probably had for most of my life but were triggered by the birth of my kids when my immune system was heavily taxed.

I began taking heavy antibiotics for the course of the next two years. I had a spinal tap, had numerous cat scans, pet scans, MRI’s, chelation therapy, and took neuropsychological tests. I was a walking guinea pig and spending a small fortune, desperate to feel better. I was taking approximately 6 different oral antibiotics every day and about 70 supplements and feeling worse than ever. Most days, I could barely get out of bed. My liver (shockingly!) began to shut down from all of the medication, and I ended up in the hospital with acute liver failure. I almost died.

My doctor advised me that I wasn’t a candidate for oral antibiotics anymore and that I would now need to get a PICC line inserted into my chest to administer intravenous antibiotics for the next 6 months. Now not only was I going to feel like a sick person, but now I was going to look like one also. I had heard about Cybernetic biofeedback through a friend of mine who had also had Lyme and although I didn’t understand it, I was willing to give anything a shot to feel better and avoid more antibiotics. I told my doctor that I wanted to try this first. He laughed.

I began treatment about two years ago and have never had to go back on antibiotics again. I haven’t had a migraine headache for over a year, and I don’t have any more brain fog or confusion. When I think back on how I felt before treatment and what I had come to believe was my “norm,” I am stupefied. I had learned to live with my worsening symptoms for so long that I forgot what it felt like to have a healthy working brain!

I know firsthand, that this technology changed and possibly saved my life. I have personally witnessed it successfully help so many others. Why and how it works are hard to explain and even harder to understand, but I simply know that it does. I decided to purchase my own scanner and flew to Germany for training because I want to help as many people as I possibly can to feel their best and to stop accepting pain and suffering as part of their “norm.” I am not a doctor. I am just a Mom with a story of how I was able to finally get better and would like to help others have a success story, too.”