Kate rogovin, c.Ht


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 I began my career as a woven textile designer - fascinated by how individual interlocking threads can create a strong and solid fabric with infinite variations of pattern and color. This morphed into a career as a fine artist and gallery owner, which morphed into my life calling as a hypnotherapist. 

Just like a weaving, metaphorical threads connect your conscious and subconscious mind.  And like the creation of a piece of art, my hypnosis sessions are individually tailored to your needs; mixing the ingredients of your life to help bring healing and resolution to your problems and dilemmas.

Hypnosis is a process of relaxing your body and opening your subconscious mind to suggestions for positive change. It is a naturally occurring state that almost everyone can access, bringing quick relief to common problems such as anxiety, insomnia, fear of public speaking, breaking through artistic blocks, self-confidence and more.

My clients include art and design professionals, musicians, entrepreneurs, sales executives, and people who are interested in personal growth through the hypnotic process.

I am committed to helping others access their own inner resources to create the changes they need to live comfortable, happy and productive lives.