Show your face some love at the 


a custom facial massage experience uniquely designed with crystals, essential oils and good energy for happy skin


No need to undress

Fun and Easy to do with Friends


Our Signature Modrn Face Treatment

Our signature treatment includes:

  • Face massage to improve blood flow and circulation

  • Specialize techniques to bring oxygen to the face to slow the aging process

  • Lymphatic facial massage to help drain the system

  • Use of Crystal tools to help enhance the skin and input energy

  • Use of Essential oils and blends to aid in skin recover and mental rejuvenation

Price 30-minutes for $65

SPecialty add-on services to the above include:

  • CBD face treatment- for the ultimate facial muscle relaxation- $15

  • Head and Scalp Massage- $15 per 10 minutes *

    • Scalp treatments oils- $5

  • Neck & Shoulder Massage- $15 per 10-minutes *

  • Collagen Booster and Face Tightening with Cryoskin- $225

*time is added on top of the base 30-minute treatment

Our Face bar was created with the intention of helping clients find a moment of zen within their busy day. Clients are welcomed into our Face Bar where they are treated to lay back and let us pamper your face