CoQ10+ | Power Fitness Booster Shot


Take your workout to the next level and increase your natural athletic performance with the help of a CoQ10+ vitamin injection. Workout for longer and recover quicker thanks to the health and wellness benefits of Co-Enzyme Q10 combined with a high dose of B12. Set a new benchmark for your body and increase your body’s natural performance with the help of a CoQ10+ injection.

Combat the effects of fatigue and give your body the energy boost it needs for a fitter and stronger you. Whether you’re looking to smash your weight lifting goals, would like to improve your cardio performance, or just want to give your fitness a lift, our vitamin injections can help you feel reenergized.



  • Produces Energy for Cell Growth and Maintenance

  • Protects Your Body From Harmful Toxins

  • Boosts Your Immune System

  • Promotes Anti-Aging

  • Maintains Cardiovascular Health

  • Detoxifies Your Body


  • Fitness Enhancement

  • Lack Of Energy

  • Workout Recuperation

  • Heart Health

Tip: CoQ10+ shots are most effective prior to athletic activity.