Drumming Meditation with julien / THURSDAYS 8-9pm


We provide Yoga Mats for use during Modrn Classes.

There is a 5 minute grace period to respect each guest’s time in the class and support good karma.

Salted Dharma Yoga with Jillian Sage

Monday & Wednesdays 7-8pm 

This class is inspired by the Vinyasa Flow.

Absorb + learn the full healing benefits of each.

Dharma Yoga is a practice that is appropriate for students of any level.

Chakra crystal reiki with Alexis Alvarez

Wednesdays 6-7pm & & Saturdays 11-12pm

Enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of Crystal Reiki energy work. Alexis guides you into a relaxed state with meditation, then uses crystals, Reiki, and color to balance your energy field.

Leave this class feeling deeply relaxed, empowered and at peace.

SALT AND SOUND healing with Alexis Alvarez

Wednesdays 8-9pm

Group sound healing class featuring Crystal singing bowls & halotherapy for stress relief and detox. The crystal bowl sound frequencies deliver your mind to a tranquil & relaxed state, activate your body's self-healing mechanisms & allow you to fully unwind & decompress.

find your peace with Rebeca Brau

Thursdays 6-7pm

Concentrating to deepen each breath, we will open up energy channels to ignite your inner fire and meditate to allow the energy’s intelligence to take over.

Your breath is a gateway to something deeper you're yearning for.

HATHA Yoga Flow with Lauren Hemley

Thursdays 7-8pm

This yoga asana class explores the balance between effort and ease.

Find Your Spirit animal Drumming Mediation
By Julien andrieu

Thursdays 8-9pm

Julien beats a healing ceremonial drum to create a frequency that the mind follows into a higher state of mind to reach a level of deep trance or deep meditation.

halotherapy Pilates with Deb Troche

Fridays 4-5pm 

The importance behind the breathing goes deeper than a meditative breath.

It is important to reverse the dysfunctions we all may have from sitting, texting, and typing all day long.

Restored Meditation with Rebeca BRAU

Fridays 5-6pm

These immersive and interactive sessions will restore and nourish your feminine body and heart.

Learn more about what it means to empower and nourish your Yin/feminine energy in today's hectic world.

Detox your mind and heart of unnecessary burdens and come to love all the aspects of yourself which are yearning to rise.

restorative salt yoga with SAbrih Short

Sundays Noon -1pm

Whether you are ending or starting your week off with some yoga flow, this is a class recommend for beginners or for someone that just wants to center themselves effortlessly.


Classes in our salt room

Packages available for your Health and Happiness!

…OR $40 per class