Breaking free of the blinding light and bright wellness center theme, Modrn Sanctuary is a haven for those looking to calm their senses and relax in the heart of the City.

Within the 5,000+ square foot space, the décor blends east & west and old & new to create a unique and soothing balance.  the traditional and alternative practices that are offered at Modrn Sanctuary by 18+ practitioners offers a natural equilibrium.

Owner Alexandra Janelli wanted to directly influence the subconscious mind by playing with the idea of sensory deprivation through dark textured crocodile walls, natural wood and soothing decor. The center features sprawling hallways lined with modern art that has been curated from local and European artists. the intrinsically modern setting offers breathes of tradition, such as large antique Balinese doors that frame the living room-style waiting room. Chic but comfortable, cool but inviting, the overall ambiance helps the mind to unwind.

In addition, Modrn Sanctuary hosts a luxury Himalayan Salt Room for halo-therapy, one of very few in the city.  Adding to our unique treatments, Modrn Sanctuary offers Crystal Light Bed Therapy.